Update from Robin Whittle 8th February 2024:

Jeffrey Whittle AO passed away peacefully surrounded by his family, in Melbourne, on 5th February 2024.  

Please see the main page of this site regarding his funeral.

Here is a new page based on my understanding of at least some of Jeff's 59 year computer programming career:

A fuller account of his work, and of Whittle Consulting, is at:

The material below was written by Jeff in 2007. 


My Life as I Remember it

Caveat: Our memory can be very fickle, and there is now evidence that, every time we recall something, we delete it and re-record it together with any mistakes and embellishments. Thereafter we "remember" the re-recorded version as fact. In what follows I have done my best to be factual and I have written what I "remember", but I would be amazed if there were no errors.

Milestones - Events, work and locations